I Asked A Band For Help With My Homework

I logged onto my computer early Saturday morning planning to do some research on religion in Continental Europe. Less than a minute later, a notification popped up on my phone saying that a band I like was doing a livestream. Homework or livestream? I picked what I thought would ultimately benefit me in the long run. Yes, I picked livestream.

Shortly into the livestream, the band members started talking about how they were great at doing their fans’ homework. I couldn’t resist. I asked them to tell me about religion in Continental Europe during 1500. “There was religion.  Christopher Columbus had already discovered America for eight years…That’s all you need to know.”  As you can tell, they weren’t much help and I was left to do my own research.

Religion Map

Image from Map Shop

To start my research, I wanted to take a look at a religion map. This one on the left was my favourite. Each of the listed predominant religions are a form of Christianity, the world’s largest religion.

Christians believe in only one higher power known as God. The part that is more difficult to understand is that God can take 3 different “forms”: Son, Father, and Holy Spirit. This however, does not mean there are 3 Gods, there is still only one. The following example from EveryStudent.com, laid out the idea better for me: You can think of the Trinity like H2O which can be ice, water and steam. Though the three take different forms, all of them are still H2O.


Other basics of Christianity include:

  • Worship and communication with God is done by praying
  • The main scripture is The Bible
  • Christianity originated from Judaism
  • Jesus Christ is the founder
  • Important symbols of the religion include the Cross, Fish, and 6 Point Star
Christian Fish

Image from calvinwritersonline.org

Image from Wikipedia

Image from Wikipedia

When it comes to lifestlye, one of religions’ largest effects was on art.  Many great artists’ most famous work were religious inspired and related to the Church.  For example, Michelangelo painted The Last Judgement, a religious fresco painting, inside of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City.  Raphael also created a religious oil painting called The Sistine Madonna during the year 1512.  Both of these paintings were done by demand of the Pope who was the most powerful person at the time.

Find out more about Continental Europe in 1500 from Ben (government), Madison (technology), and Brian (economics).


In conclusion, don’t expect band members to be useful when it comes to homework.  All I got out of it was a good title for my blog post.


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