A Book Lover’s Heaven

It was a long, tiring, yet impressive day.  Other than going to Chinatown to pick up some egg tarts, I don’t go down to Vancouver often.  All of the places we attended for our field trip were completely new to me.  The whole trip was really exciting but I did have some personal goals in mind.  On this trip I wanted to:

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  • Find resources for my eminent person, obtain books
  • See the Vancouver lifestyle
  • Visit new places
  • Find famous people

I was able to find three resources on my eminent person during this trip.  One from MacLeod Books, and two others from the Vancouver Public Library.  It did take patience to search for the correct books, but I think it was worth it.

People WatchingDuring my solo walk, I got a chance to people-watch and see the Vancouver lifestyle.  I decided to stand at the corner of Robson and Homer at 9:30am.  For the most part, everyone walked alone, coffee in hand, with their headphones plugged in.  They all seemed to know their purpose and definitely walked with authority.  There was such a wide range of people: businessmen talking on their phone wearing suits, a woman in high-end fashion walking her small dog, two tourists in their worn running shoes taking pictures of their surroundings.  Whoever it is, if you want them, Vancouver has got them.

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Both MacLeod’s Books and the Vancouver Public Library were new to me and they exceeded my expectations.  When I walked into MacLeod’s I was overwhelmed with the smell of old books.  A variety of titles covered the whole store leaving little room to walk.  A book lover’s heaven.  Though I found myself feeling claustrophobic, I thought the store was unique.  With the amount of books there, I could get lost in that store for hours (metaphorically).

Optimized-LIBRARY OCT 2015 002The library on the other hand, well I could actually get lost in there–it’s huge!  7 floors of books, that’s pretty crazy.  The library was beautiful.  The place was nice and spacious–something I needed after MacLeod’s.  Plus, everything was so neat, tidy, and organized.  Other than the few times when I started thinking about what would happen if the building caught fire, I found walking around the library very calming.

I thought the trip to Vancouver was overall, a great time.  I was able to get resources for eminent, observe Vancouver lifestyle, and visit new places.  Plus, all of the excitement of the day tired me out enough to have a nice, deep sleep.   Vancouver Trip = Success!

Oh, and my last goal…


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