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Via LouisaLulu on Deviantart.

Via LouisaLulu on Deviantart.


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My delicious (yet measly) pizza.

When I got home from NotN, I had a big mix of feelings and emotions.  Predominantly, I was tired, but I also felt a lot of other things.  Pride: For not only myself, but also for my peers and how well their speeches and learning centres worked out.  Happiness: Eminent is over!  Conflicting sadness: Eminent is over. . .  Confusion: Why am I upset that the thing that has caused me the most stress over the past month is ending?  Hunger: “Though they were tasty, those two pieces of pizza barely filled a corner of my stomach.  I mean, the pepperoni had a delicious spice and there was a good amount of cheese, but the lack of crust starved me.  There’s nothing wrong with thin crust pizza but three and a half slices would have better filled the void. . .  I need chocolate.”


The Stage

The Stage.

Moving on, the point of this blog post is not to get overly emotional about the food, but instead to reflect on my learning centre.  Why learning centre in particular?  The biggest goal I had for eminent was to create one that would be very engaging for those at NotN.  Like I said in my intro post,  many of my projects in elementary and middle school consisted of me pasting large paragraphs of text all over a neon poster board.  I wanted to be a little more creative and move away from this.

For my learning centre, I decided to create a space that would resemble a stage Billie Holiday would have performed on.  I used a curtain,  a sign bordered by lights, and 40’s style microphone as key elements to represent the stage.  I also included a timeline of “records”.  Each stated an event in Billie’s life that I found significant.

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Pictures , Text & Mic

Over to the side of this set-up, I had an assortment of pictures of Billie as well as some text to accompany.  I found limiting text the most difficult thing to do because I am usually quite dependent on my writing.  To keep things reasonable, I chose to write something short on each of the four key events I included in my timeline.  I didn’t bother including too many details as I know that people would not stop to read Billie’s biography.  Instead, it would be my job to fill them in on what they needed to know.  The lack of text was probably the scariest thing about eminent for me.  There was no real script for me to read off, and I pretty much had to go with the flow of the conversation.  When I talked to the first person, I sounded very stiff and robotic but throughout the night, I became more and more comfortable speaking with people.  I actually had real, relaxed conversations with the last few people who came to my station and I am really proud of that.



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My Learning Centre


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Setting Up

I truly think I met my goals for this project.  I was really proud of what I did with my learning centre as well as the conversations I had with those who came by.  By the end of the night, I felt much more comfortable having unscripted conversations with people and I hope I can maintain this confidence throughout the rest of the year.

I have to give a very specific thank you to Aileen (as well as my parents) for helping with the very stressful set up and take down of my learning centre.  I also need to thank Brian for saving my life with his wonderful silver Sharpie when mine inconveniently ran out of ink.  And of course, thank you to all of the TALONS for being super supportive of each other and making this process so much easier.

Eminent was a very stressful and challenging, yet exciting experience.  It’s weird to admit, but I’m actually quite excited to do this again in grade 10.  ((Someone is totally going to use this against me next year when I start complaining about the project…))


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