A Letter

To my dearest friend Sophie,

Recently, I have been reflecting on my trip to the beautiful Versailles.  I thought to write to you today because I remember that I sent you a very excited letter the day I returned home.  Can you believe it’s been 6 years?  Time flies, especially when your mind does too.

The trip was what really set my opinions, on government, in stone.  Ever since reading Plutarch’s work at age nine, I’ve always been a fan of having a republic.  Being in Versailles and seeing the standard ways of an absolute monarchy has only confirmed that my opinions are not insane.  I feel a perfect government would consist of well-meaning ministers, a prince with the desire to do good, a well-doing queen, a pleasant court, and charming people who show love towards their master.  Our current monarchy is not quite hitting that.

I hope that one day people may recognize that something along the lines of a republic will do better for this country.  That maybe monarchy isn’t the only way this country has to go.  One day I want to open the publics’ eyes to this perspective.

For now however, I will continue to work with my husband by agreeing to read, edit, and check over his work.  Currently, he is much more “in” on the issues than myself.  In addition, I am beginning to attend some of his meetings.  I do all of this together in hopes of educating myself.  I will sit back, listen, read, and research.  Become an expert on these topics.  I say, I need study as I need food.  Once I learn more about our systems and how they work, I will take my leap.  Though the first hop may be small, someday I will jump high enough to shine.  I hope you will be there as my supporter when this day comes.

I hope all is well with you and I wish to see you again soon,

Madame Roland


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