An Update

Dear Sophie,

I hope you have been well since I last heard from you.  Things here have been picking up since my last letter.  My husband and I still continue to work together, but now in a different job where I have a different role. I am no longer just an editor for my husband’s work, but I am more involved.  Now that the revolution is really picking up, a man by the name of Brissot, has hired the  two of us to be a part of the Patriote Francais.  As a fellow Girondist, we met Brissot during one of the many salon meeting we attended.  Brissot acts as a leader to the Girondin faction, though he still is midful of us all as equals.

While on the topic of salons, just a few weeks ago I decided to open and host my very first meeting.  Though I have attended these events before, this one was different.  I put this political salon together myself.  At first it was a little slow with few people coming in, but soon the most popular were entering such as my publisher and fellow Girondin, Brissot, as well as some big figures who I may disagree with such as Robspierre.  I got to hear a lot of varying thoughts from these people.  Myself however, I continued to sit back and observe.  I have been to salons where the only thing the hostests desire are attention.  I have no desire for attention, instead I desire knowledge.  Though, I don’t stay completely silent.  After the meetings, I frequently go off to speak with a few attendees and share my opinions on life in France and politics.  I tell them all that I still believe in a republic.

We shall see how things go from here…

~Madame Roland


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