World, Meet Queen Kendra

I wrote a song.


To some, this may not seem like a big deal, but to me it is.  I love everything about music, but my favourite element of song is definitely the lyrics.  The words to a song help tell a story and convey emotion.  They have the ability to connect to an audience in ways different than a novel or movie.

I have always wanted to write a song, but I’m someone with commitment issues.  I would easily get through the first verse and chorus before either a) getting bored or b) losing inspiration.  Choosing to focus on song writing for ZIP was intended to not only to improve my writing skills, but also to challenge myself by having to go through with an idea.

The process began with the analysis of some of my favourite songs; Outsiders (Against the Current), Little Game (Ben J Pierce), and A Capella (Chase Goehring).  In these songs, I looked for common rhyming patterns, as well as some of the 13 Ways to Spice Up Your Writing.  By going over these songs, I realized that different artists use a different combination of techniques to their advantage.  It was a big relief to have the knowledge that there was no exact template I would need to use in my song, and it could go in whatever direction I would like.

In terms of finding inspiration for my song, I was pretty lucky.  I was expecting to spend days excessively searching for inspiration and inevitably end up writing a rap about Spongebob Squarepants (which would have honestly been really fun).  However, a post popped up on my Facebook timeline that gave me a huge burst of inspiration.  The post, that speaks of social anxiety, gave me a lot of ideas to get my song going.  By using what was said in the post, as well as some of my own thoughts, the lyrics to my song began coming easily.  Within a few days, the draft for Slowly Shattering was finished.

Once this song was totally complete, I began to edit an old, awkward-sounding song I began over the summer titled You Are My Light.  Using the techniques learned from both the song analysis, and now the experience from writing Slowly Shattering, I was able to change the cringe-worthy sections of the song.  I can honestly say that now, the song sounds and flows much better.  Due to my paranoia of someone coming across this blog and stealing my future award-winning songs (hey, it’s possible), I will not be posting the song here.  Though, if any of you are interested, I would be happy to show you what I wrote.

Even though the main task and goal of this project was to work on my song writing, I have to admit, my favourite part of this project was getting to perform my song.  Introducing the TALONS to Queen Kendra awesome.  Plus, performing alongside the one and only Bang Tang Zhang was a blast.  I felt so much pride once we finished the song and I don’t hesitate to say that I would absolutely love to perform it again.

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