Oh Me, Oh My: In-Depth 2016

January 14th, 2016 – Week One

Via ClipArtPanda

In-Depth.  Yikes!  Probably the most intimidating words I have heard since eminent.  For the longest time, I had no clue of what I could spend five months working on.  My list of ideas included, blogging, starting up a YouTube channel, journalism, creating a magazine, song writing, etc, etc.  With the completion of ZAP and ZIP in English, I was able to try out a couple of these ideas and though they were fun, I now wanted to try something different for in-depth. Now, I don’t remember exactly where my epiphany happened (but let’s be honest, like all great ideas, it was probably in the bathroom), but in December of 2015 I decided on what I wanted to do for in-depth.  I chose to create a hair tutorial blog!

Basic HTML Site.

Last summer, I took a course which required me to create an HTML website in a week.  The site could be about whatever we wanted so I chose hairstyling.  I really enjoyed getting to share some of my favourite hairstyles as many people I knew were curious of how to do them.  Another project I worked on last year (MACC Passion Project), was creating an art club in my school.  What I liked about this project was that I got to give back and teach in a specific way, as well as I got

Teaching my art club how to make clay pinch pots.

to work very closely with a teacher who could give me advice throughout my process.  It was the basis of these two smaller projects which came together to create my in-depth this year.

The plan for my site is to post a new hair tutorial consistently each week.  However, on the last week of each month, I would like to post a feature on the Gleneagle Hairdressing Program.  Depending on how things go, these features may be on the program itself, or on specific students who I could interview or ask to give their own tutorials.

My Christmas themed Reindeer Bun. One of my all time favourites.

For me, this project is going to be about more than just the hairstlyes.  Of course, I would like to try out some new buns and braids during the process, but for the most part, I am quite confident in what I am able to do with my hair.  The same goes for the website.  The two things I want to work on the most are my teaching and personal skills.  Because I will be creating a tutorial website, I will need to be able to explain instructions clearly.  To me, there is nothing more frustrating than when I see a hairstyle I like and the instructions make no sense.  I want my site to be very clear and easy to follow.  When it comes to personal skills, this strongly involves working with my mentor.  Due to the current hairdressing teacher, Ms. Kim, going on maternity leave, she has referred me to the next teacher coming in named Mrs. McCullough.  Also, since I want to do features on Gleneagle’s program, I will need to speak and work with some students as well.  Though I know working with others will be very beneficial to me, the thought of it is still quite intimidating.  Therefore, this will be one of my greatest challenges.

Does in-depth seem scary?  Very.  But am I excited and ready to tackle it?  Definitely!