Welcome To “I’m Hair For You”: In Depth 2016

March 4th, 2016

**Click to check out I’m Hair For You’s first tutorial; the All Around Twist!**

I’m not going to pretend that I’m not surprised about the fact that I’ve stayed super on track for in-depth so far.  Each week I have accomplished the goals I have set, keeping everything on track for today’s official site lauch.  Now my site has more than just the “about” pages that I completed last week, but also my first tutorial!

2016-02-28 001 013Putting together my first post ended up going quite smoothly.  On Friday, I began a rough draft of my tutorial to recognize which steps in the hairstyle were most important so I could know what to take pictures of.  For quality photos, I decided to take them on Saturday as soon as the sun came out.  On both Saturday and Sunday I put together my tutorial and set it to automatically post today.  Though this was very ahead of schedule, I wanted to prepare my first tutorial early to get comfortable with the formatting of the website as I have never used it to blog before.  For the next few weeks, I definitely want to continue early preparation until I get a real feeling for how the site works.

Working with my mentor has been going very well.  Each meeting, I feel that I am getting more and more comfortable with Mrs. McCullough.  At our very first meeting, we agreed that being open was important in our interactions; however, I sometimes found this difficult to execute.  In our most recent  recent meetings though, I have felt a major change as I can now easily share my opinions with her, and she does the same in return.  This has definitely been my greatest improvement and is the number one thing that is working well.

I have found that my most difficult challenge with working with my mentor is “getting into” each meeting.  Everything feels quite slow in the first five to ten minutes of our meetings and though we do get work done, it feels quite awkward and not as productive as I would like.  The two of us found that the best time for us to meet was at lunch time–we’re both at the school, in the hairdressing room (which has lots of resources) and  already in “teaching/learning mode”.  As great as this is, lunchtime is short and we have to make the most out of every minute.  When I get down to the classroom, it takes some time for the two of us to get settled; she’s heating up her lunch, I’m grabbing mine (and also struggling to open my Thermos), as well as I need to take out and prepare the notes I have for each meeting.  Luckily, we both understand how crucial this time is and have been trying to have discussion anyway.  Last week, I tried to use this time as a moment for updates.  This is because although updates are important, it isn’t something that requires tons of conversation and engagement, it’s more just an activity of speaking and listening.  Once the two of us got settled, we sat down at her desk and got into the big topics of discussion.  I found that this worked out very well and I think this is how I will continue going about making the best of this challenge

In terms of what’s next, it is now mainly a continuation of the website (seeing that all of the preparation is complete) and trying to stay on track.  The next big thing in the project is working on the student tutorials.  Because of March Break, there is very little time to meet with a student so I definitely need to work on this as soon as possible (next week).

2 thoughts on “Welcome To “I’m Hair For You”: In Depth 2016

  1. Your website is coming along very well. You have many of the components in place already. Very effective title.
    Who took the photos for your first tutorial?

    • Thank you for the feedback Ms. Mulder. My mom is the one physically taking the photos for the site. However it is myself, with the help of Mrs. McCullough, who decides on which poses and angles to take.

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