The Student Tutorial: In Depth 2016

March 28th, 2016

**There are now four tutorials on my site.  Click here to check them out**

In terms of blog post updates, I last left off with my first tutorial being online and preparing for my first student tutorial.  The student tutorial process was a brand new learning opportunity for me and ended up being more challenging than I thought.  Due to spring break quickly sneaking up on me, meeting up with the students to prepare the tutorial turned out to be quite a rushed process and less enjoyable than I had hoped.  We got the tutorial done, of course, but I would have liked to spend more time preparing the video (possibly doing a practice and figuring out the best angles).  I also wish I had more time to get to know this month’s students better.  This is because communication is still a big goal in my project and I want to expand on that with the student tutorials.  The good news is that I now understand that getting together with other students is easier said than done and I also have much more time to prepare for the next student feature.  Click here to see the first student tutorial with Rosa and Alyssa.

Mrs. McCullough and I still continue to meet on a weekly basis to talk about the project.  Now that the my website is fully up and running, we look over the latest tutorial and do stars and wishes each week.  Mrs. McCullough has said that my written instructions have been very good as they are concise like we discussed.  Her recent feedback has actually been on the topic of photos.  She suggested that in future I begin using gel when taking the photos to smooth out flyaway hair as she finds it quite distracting to look at.  I definitely agreed with her statement and she provided me with gel to use in the next tutorials.

In my last post, I also discussed the topic of making the most out of our short meetings.  I have continued to give updates on my progress while the both of us get our lunches ready before getting straight into the discussion as soon as we’re settled.  Because we have improved in using our time, we are generally able to end our meetings earlier and get some time to talk about topics apart from the project.  I think this improves our relationship as I am continuing to find myself even more comfortable with Mrs. McCullough and our interactions are feeling more “natural”.

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