It’s Coming: In Depth 2016

April 29th, 2016

We’ve got just a month and one more day: In-Depth night’s not that far away!

Sock Curls

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been just about five months of working on my in-depth project and looking ahead, in-depth night is just around the corner!  Every week I have continued sticking to my goal of posting a new tutorial to I’m Hair For You.  I find that each week, even if I’m busier than usual, it continues to become easier to get my tutorial together.  I feel like the process has become part of my routine.  Friday night: draft tutorial notes,  Saturday morning: take pictures, Sunday afternoon: download photos, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

My mentor, Mrs. McCullough, and I continue to meet on a regular basis.  Lately, we have not found the need to meet weekly as I am now more independent in my postings (she doesn’t need to look them over as often) and I’ve really gotten into the swing of the website.  When we do meet, we generally continue to talk about how the site is working, setting up student tutorials, and now learning centres.

Rough Plan of Learning Centre

On that note, I have spent the last little while thinking about what I want my learning centre to look like.  From the beginning of the project, I knew that on in-depth night, I wanted to be able to do various live demonstrations of hairstyles for those interested.   I would like to have pictures of all my completed hairstyles posted up behind me either on a wall, poster board, or tri-fold.  Separate from this, I also plan to have the final images from the three student tutorials.  Over to the side will be a computer or laptop set up to show my website.  This way, people can see the typed up step-by-step tutorials and the video tutorials by the hairdressing students.  Finally, I hope to have a friend of mine present to be my model for the night.  That way , when someone asks me how to execute one of the hairstyles shown (this is why I have printed images), I will have a real person to demonstrate on.  I was also considering asking to borrow a mannequin from the hairdressing room to have if an attendee would also like to attempt the hairstyle while I demonstrate it.

French Braided Bun: After

French Braided Bun: Before

To conclude this blog post, I would like to show a comparison of where I was before the project, to now (near the conclusion of the project).  You may recall that when introducing my in-depth, I mentioned that I put together two hair tutorials over the summer just for fun.  One of the styles I did in the summer was the French Braided Bun.  Well, last week I did this hairstyle again, but this time it was for I’m Hair For You.  When looking at the images side by side, from my baseline to where I am now, I can see so much improvement and that makes me insanely proud of the progress I’ve made during this adventure.