Remember when Winter Break used to be full of relaxation?  Where you could actually go outside and play in the snow without the constant voice in the back of your head screaming “in-depth, In-DePtH, IN-DEPTH”?  Yeah, I don’t either.

Unlike eminent, where I had a plan of what I wanted to do for grade ten as I was taking down my grade nine learning centre, I have been completely stumped on in-depth.  Tons of ideas were flying in and out of my mind, but I just couldn’t settle on one.  After in-depth being so successful last year, and this year being the last time I get to do this project, there’s definitely a lot of pressure!

2013 Photo of my Nails from the PNE

Over Winter Break, I finally decided to settle on something.  For my 2017 in-depth project, I’ve decided to pursue nail art!  The main reason I chose to do nail art is because it’s been something I have wanted to do for a very long time.  I have always loved painting my nails, but could never do anything more.  I remember that for the longest time, one of my favourite things about going to the PNE was going into the Marketplace to visit the Nail Pen booth.  I never actually bought the nail pens, but I did pretend to be deeply interested in purchasing them so that the artists would paint more designs on my nails.

Another reason I wanted to do nail art is because I can’t actually imagine myself trying it outside of in-depth.  Things like journalism, song writing, and poetry are all things that interest me and would be cool for in-depth.  However, I can actually picture myself doing these things on my own in the future.  For example, I plan on taking journalism and pursuing it as a serious career.  Nail art on the other hand, not so much.  By doing something like nail art for in-depth, I’m forcing myself into an interest that I wouldn’t focus on otherwise.

The final reason I chose to take on nail art is because it somewhat links to my in-depth project last year.  Last year for in-depth, I created a hair tutorial website.  Click here to check it out (and please follow me, I’m so close to 20k).  The two definitely relate as they are both in the category of beauty projects, as well as they are skills very applicable to my life.  Also while doing in-depth last year,  I learned teaching skills when creating the step-by-step hair tutorials.  These teaching skills will be valuable when I present my nail art on in-depth night, which I will get to a little later in this post.

Now that I have explained why I want to do nail art, I should probably explain what exactly I’m doing with it.  The main end goal for in-depth this year is to learn 10 different nail designs that I can confidently execute on both myself and others.  My hope is to learn a variety of designs from simple, to professional, to fun.

The following are design ideas I would love to learn (via cutepolish):


In addition to the designs themselves, I want to learn nail-related skills such as basic nail care techniques, how to use nail art tools, and how to get a clean polish and design.   I also want to continue working on my people and communication skills with my mentor this year.

Speaking of mentors, I don’t actually have one yet.  What’s difficult about finding a mentor this year is that I very specifically want to work on nail art.  Not all salons offer nail art, let alone have people who who specialize in it.  I have started my search and have sent out my first request just recently, but am waiting to hear back.  Hopefully, it will all work out.

To finish off this post, I briefly want to discuss what I have in mind for my learning centre as it ties in with how I plan to demonstrate my final skills.  On In-Depth Night this year, I am going to set up a station to do peoples’ nails.  This learning centre will show off the skills I have learned throughout the project.  Like I mentioned earlier, this sort of ties in with my in-depth project last year as I hope to explain the design as I paint them out.  The teaching and tutorial skills learned  previously will be super helpful during my demonstrations.

That pretty much wraps up my first in-depth post of 2017!  Even though I’ve done in-depth once before, I’m basically starting something new all over again, so it’s just as intimidating.  But that also makes it just as exciting!

5 thoughts on “Introductions,

  1. I really like your topic! Your nails looked really cute. I’m interested to see how you learn and improve your nail art over the course of your project!

    • Thanks Phia! I’m so excited to see how everyone’s skills will have developed by In-Depth night. This is going to be so much fun!

  2. Have you considered taking work experience 12 Online? This project lends itself to it well. It may be a great way to work in a nail salon and get some valuable experiences and job skills.

    • Hi Ms. Mulder, I never really thought about taking work experience. However, because of my large focus on the nail ART, it may not work out as many salons nearby me do not have someone who specializes. Many of the people I have looked into as mentors are people who work independently, but have more experience in the nail art of things. Unfortunately, I am still on the hunt for a real mentor for in-depth this year and will likely discuss this progress in my next blog post (I may have to push back the “Beautiful Mind” questions for post #3).

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