**Note: Ms. Mulder’s questions for post #2 will be answered in post #3.  In this post, I will discuss my progress so far (including why these questions are unable to be answered).

The process of finding and securing a mentor has proved itself to be far more challenging for In-Depth 2017.  Last year, my search for a mentor was fairly simple; I took a one minute walk from the TALONS room down to the hairdressing room, asked the question, and ta-da!  I had a mentor.  This year, not so much.

As mentioned my intro post, I knew that finding a mentor would be a little more difficult as I am specifically looking to learn about nail art.  Not all salons offer nail art or have someone who specializes in the field, so waltzing into a salon and getting a mentor would not be probable.  Therefore, I had to turn to other sources.

Some designs by Tyna’s Spa, the first person I contacted

The first person who I contacted runs a spa at her home in Port Coquitlam.  She uses Facebook as her main platform to advertise and regularly posts pictures of the work she does.  The nail art photos she posts on her page are a perfect match to what I want to achieve by the end of in-depth.  When I got in contact with her, she told me that while she wished she could help, she was unable to commit.  Between all of her clients, running the spa alone, and taking care of her son, it would be difficult to be a full-time mentor.  I fully understood why she could not mentor me and thanked her for her time.

The next person who I spoke to was through my mom and her hairdresser.  My mom got in contact with her hairdresser as she remembered that there was an esthetician who worked in the salon.  Initially, the hairdresser told us that unfortunately, the esthetician no longer worked there and that we’d have to keep looking.  A few days later though, she called my mom back and gave her a phone number for a nail artist she knew.  I called this person and we spoke very briefly before she had to go to her mom’s for dinner.  In our quick conversation, she expressed interest in the project and told me to call her back at a later time.  I was beyond excited to have a mentor!  However, when I called her back and explained the project in more detail, she realized that she wouldn’t be the right fit for the project.  She told me that while she can do some nail art, it isn’t her expertise.  Because her clients are mainly of an older generation, she never had the need to learn any nail art.  When needed, she’ll look up a tutorial on YouTube to figure out a design, but she isn’t necessarily an expert in the area.  She also wasn’t sure if she could commit at this point due to the fact that she recently got in a car accident and her mobility and skills are limited.  Once again, I understood, but was back at the beginning.

At this point, our second in-depth post was coming up and I had to talk to Ms. Mulder about the fact that I wouldn’t be able to complete the “Beautiful Mind” questions.  While we were speaking, she suggested that I ask around the class to see if anybody had any connections.  Specifically, she told me to talk to Madison as she has an interest in makeup and is doing special effects makeup for her in-depth project this year.  Not to mention, her nails are ALWAYS on point.  I approached her in class and she told me that her step-mom’s best friend runs her own nail business and is someone who strongly believes in nail techniques being done by hand.  During the Macbeth cultural

Me, excited about having a mentor

event that night, Madison told me that she texted her step-mom who said that she thought her friend would love to be my mentor and sent us the contact information.  Just recently, I contacted her with all of the project details, just praying that she would say yes.

She did!!

Of course, we still need to figure everything out such as when she can get the criminal record check back to me and when we’ll be meeting, but at this point, I’m just super happy to have a mentor secured.

In terms of other progress made, the English research essay was quite helpful in giving me a basis on nail care.  The point of my essay was to determine what the most important, yet often underestimated, nail care techniques are.  After doing my research, I realized that I do not follow most of these steps in my every day nail care routine and this is something I need to work on.  The good thing about doing the research essay is that now, I don’t need to spend as much time on the nail care topic with my mentor, so we can get into the nail art a little faster.

To end of my post this week, I want to share with you some of the key things I learned about nail care.  The following are just some of the tips that we should all be following:

  • Treat your starting surface (nails, fingers, and hands) delicately
    • Wear gloves to keep hands from getting wet or dirty when washing dishes, cleaning, gardening, etc.
    • Short, strong nails are better than long, breaking nails
    • Moisturize!!!
  • Properly care for your cuticles
    • Never cut your cuticles
      • If you do, they’ll be more prone to breakage and infection
    • Try to leave cuticles completely natural, but if needed, push back with an orange wood stick
  • Analyze your products
    • Check polish ingredients
      • Big things to watch out for: Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde, Toluene
    • Use non-acetone remover


2 thoughts on “Challenges,

  1. Your persistence paid off. It is all about networking. I look forward to your post after your first mentor meeting.
    Great advice at the bottom of this post. Have you done any experimenting on your own? I would like to suggest to start sketching some possible designs and practise drawing them on a curved surface similar to nails.

    • I am very excited to discuss all that happened during my first meeting. Yes, I did some experimenting and design planning during the weeks where I was unable to meet with my mentor. I will share some photos in this week’s post!

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