Eminent 2016 has officially concluded along with my eminent journey in general.  It’s so weird to think that I’ll never have to do an eminent project again, nor do I have to stress about who to do next year.  I’ve been thinking about eminent so much lately that not thinking about it makes me feel like I’m missing a limb or something – Eminent was a part of me!

Night of the Notables on Wednesday was extravagant.  My speech, learning center, and collaboration videos all went well!  The following video includes all of these aspects, so be sure to check it out.  (If you did film a collab with me, check the description of the video to find where you appear!)

For the last time, be sure to like the video, subscribe, and leave a comment down below telling me your favourite memory from Night of the Notables.  Thank you so much for watching.  Bye friends!


Tomorrow!!!  *Breathe in, and breathe out*

As eminent is wrapping up, I thought now would be a great time to post my bibliography/ biBLOGraphy/ bibVLOGraphy.  Here are the links to the resources I discussed in my video.  If you’re interested in Tyler, be sure to check them out!

Tyler’s Links:
Bonus Videos:

LGBTQ+ Resources:
Terms related to sexuality:  
Articles related to the LGBTQ+ community:
The Trevor Project’s terms, definitions, and FAQ: 


Interview complete!  So happy to have done this interview with Ricky Ficarelli.  All of his answers have been really helpful in my eminent project, specifically in terms of getting into a YouTuber’s mindset for my speech.  Check out the video below and be sure to leave a comment if you have anything to add on to our responses.

Two days until Night of the Notables!  Good luck everyone!

The Unofficial DoL

This blog post is brought to you by your SpongeBob meme of the day.  Stay tuned for more spongealicious memes.


Although I already completed my Document of Learning in the form of a library post as well as stated I would only be doing my eminent posts in the form of video, I felt it would be beneficial to post my speech here for feedback.  Feel free to comment any kind of feedback so I can finish up my speech and get practicing!

The Idea: I, Tyler, just hit 10 million subscribers on YouTube and am making a video to thank my supporters.  In this video I want to emphasize the importance of this community (#TeamInternet) in getting me to where I am today.  I also want to prove to them that they can go places from where they are right now and create positive change in the world.

The Speech:

Hey everyone!  My name is Tyler Oakley and today we hit a pretty big milestone.  If you follow me on Twitter (which you should by the way – @tyleroakley), you’re probably already aware but… we just hit TEN MILLION SUBSCRIBERS.  That’s right, this community right here on YouTube has grown to be a family of ten million people and I want you to know that I am incredibly thankful for every single one of you.

WE have done this together because WE have been through it all.  We created.  Created a book, a documentary, a podcast, a tour.  We raised.  Raised awareness and money for the causes we care about such as the Trevor Project.  We reached.  Reached goals both in your life and my life, in numbers like the 10 million today, but also in our personal achievements.  Whether you have been watching since my very first video, or this is the first video of mine you have seen, WE, Team Internet, are what has made this possible.

If you went back in time and told seven year old poor, fat, closeted Tyler that in twenty years he would be standing in front of a camera talking to 10 million people across the world, he would just laugh.  And yet, here I am today.  That’s why I want you to know that whatever struggles you are going through, you can overcome. Dysfunctional family, eating disorder, not being accepted for being LGBT, or something else, WE can all grow and go places from there.  

This all starts by making a difference.  Whether it be as small as taking care of yourself and bringing a smile to someone’s face or as big as advocating for a cause you care about.  No matter who you are and what you do, all of us can positively affect this world.

Anyways, those were my words of wisdom for today.  I want to thank you, my people, again for helping me hit 10 million subscribers here on YouTube.  If you liked this video you can give it a thumbs up and make sure to subscribe if you aren’t already. Also, leave a comment down below telling me how you plan to grow, make a change, and be your own eminent person.  Okay, that’s all!  Bye friends!!


If it’s easier for you, here is the Google Doc link as well:


The title says it all.  Vlogging is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, especially when walking around in public.  My trip to the VPL and MacLeod’s consisted of almost falling over on the Skytrain, nearly walking into people in Vancouver, getting weird stares for talking to myself, and even receiving a couple dirty looks.  So please, give my video a thumbs up for all I had to endure.


I T ‘S . H E R E .

Eminent 2016 has finally arrived and I couldn’t be more simultaneously stressed and excited.  This year, I have decided to do all of my eminent blog posts in the format of a video, just as my eminent person, Tyler Oakley, would.  I think* the video speaks for itself, so without further ado, here is “Wannabe Tyler’s” introductory VLOG post.

*Actually, I KNOW the video will speak for itself.  I mean, it’s seventeen minutes long.  (Sorry…)

PRO-TIP: Check the description of the video to find exact times for specific topics.

Birds of a feather flock together…

…but what if I’m not part of the flock?


FLOCK: A Story About Authenticity

(Previously known as: “flyin away from the h8rs”)


She was proud of who she was.  Self-confident and never afraid to show the world her true self, she was as authentic as could be.  A self-proclaimed fashion-guru, she chose to express herself through mixed patterns, vibrant colours, and textured fabrics.

On a day in mid-May, the sun beamed down onto the Earth giving her a burst of inspiration like it was a giant lightbulb above her head.  She formed the outfit carefully.  Matching and experimenting, she composed the outfit to how she was feeling; joyous, confident, and as bright as the sun in the sky.  It was an outfit fixed to perfection.  She wore a pair of black flowy shorts that gave off the silhouette of a skirt, clenching in at her waist giving her the body of her dreams.  She paired it with a fitted floral top that peeked out of her sun-yellow cardigan.  A mixture of fun and maturity, this was the outfit.  She looked at herself in the mirror and emotions washed over her.  She never felt more beautiful, she never felt more herself.

Hopping out of the car, she imagined herself playing in slow-motion, with a fan blowing her hair back like a movie scene.  Opening the doors to the school, she felt empowered and held her head up high.  Encased by the chattering of excited students, she waited for her friends to greet them for the day.  Back against the wall, her heart fluttered, smile growing on her face, “This is who I am”, she whispered.

Moments later, her friends marched down the hall.  She wasn’t the only one walking in slow-motion today.  The clique’s strut was just as movie-like.  A confident “hello” barely escaped her mouth before venom began to fly.  Her friends surrounded her, spitting hurt in her direction.  Insults, cackling, and pointed fingers sent her mind into a frenzy.  She felt like a lone predator being attacked by a giant herd of prey.  Back against the wall, her heart thudded, fear growing in her mind, “I have no escape”, she thought.

The bell echoed through the halls giving her the exit she needed. She walked off, head lowered, reflecting on the events that just took place.  She was hurt, tears teased in the corners of her eyes and she was tempted to break.  She was tempted to grab her spare outfit and change.  She was tempted to be like everyone else.

For the first time, she felt out of place.  In an environment with so many people, she didn’t understand how she managed to feel so alone.  It was like being a bird flying against its flock.  Thoughts rushed through her mind as she made her way to class.  The voices in her head were arguing, yelling, screaming with one another.  It was as if the activities of the morning startled each emotion awake on the wrong side of the bed.

Each feeling was strong, but none had the amount of power as the one called pride.  It told her to stay true to herself, no matter the circumstances.  Slowly, her head began to rise.  Every other emotion was silenced as pride’s voice grew louder in her mind.  She thought, “This is who I am, true and authentic.”

Even if she flies alone, against her flock, she has no boundaries to fly by.  There are no rules to travel in a certain direction or to stay in a v-formation.  She may be on her own, but at least she is free.

World, Meet Queen Kendra

I wrote a song.


To some, this may not seem like a big deal, but to me it is.  I love everything about music, but my favourite element of song is definitely the lyrics.  The words to a song help tell a story and convey emotion.  They have the ability to connect to an audience in ways different than a novel or movie.

I have always wanted to write a song, but I’m someone with commitment issues.  I would easily get through the first verse and chorus before either a) getting bored or b) losing inspiration.  Choosing to focus on song writing for ZIP was intended to not only to improve my writing skills, but also to challenge myself by having to go through with an idea.

The process began with the analysis of some of my favourite songs; Outsiders (Against the Current), Little Game (Ben J Pierce), and A Capella (Chase Goehring).  In these songs, I looked for common rhyming patterns, as well as some of the 13 Ways to Spice Up Your Writing.  By going over these songs, I realized that different artists use a different combination of techniques to their advantage.  It was a big relief to have the knowledge that there was no exact template I would need to use in my song, and it could go in whatever direction I would like.

In terms of finding inspiration for my song, I was pretty lucky.  I was expecting to spend days excessively searching for inspiration and inevitably end up writing a rap about Spongebob Squarepants (which would have honestly been really fun).  However, a post popped up on my Facebook timeline that gave me a huge burst of inspiration.  The post, that speaks of social anxiety, gave me a lot of ideas to get my song going.  By using what was said in the post, as well as some of my own thoughts, the lyrics to my song began coming easily.  Within a few days, the draft for Slowly Shattering was finished.

Once this song was totally complete, I began to edit an old, awkward-sounding song I began over the summer titled You Are My Light.  Using the techniques learned from both the song analysis, and now the experience from writing Slowly Shattering, I was able to change the cringe-worthy sections of the song.  I can honestly say that now, the song sounds and flows much better.  Due to my paranoia of someone coming across this blog and stealing my future award-winning songs (hey, it’s possible), I will not be posting the song here.  Though, if any of you are interested, I would be happy to show you what I wrote.

Even though the main task and goal of this project was to work on my song writing, I have to admit, my favourite part of this project was getting to perform my song.  Introducing the TALONS to Queen Kendra awesome.  Plus, performing alongside the one and only Bang Tang Zhang was a blast.  I felt so much pride once we finished the song and I don’t hesitate to say that I would absolutely love to perform it again.

Find Your Source


Ha, ha, ha …  Get it?  Because it’s Source yogurt?  I’ll stop now.  But before you leave, shaking your head, because of my cringe-worthy joke, check out my biblography below.  You may find some of these resources interesting or useful in the future. was the very first site I used for the eminent study.  This is where I found the most basic and notable information about Billie Holiday.  It was based on the information from this website, that I ultimately decided that she would be my eminent person.  On this site, you can find biographical information such as her original birth name, the day she was born, and where she grew up.  You can also read about key moments in her life that may be important to know.  This includes her troubled childhood, the orchestras she worked with, and some of her most notable songs including Miss Brown To You and God Bless The Child. was another introductory site I used at the beginning of research.  Here, I looked through her life’s timeline, viewed pictures of her, and again saw some basic biographical information.  One thing to note about this site is that it strongly praises Billie.  There is no information about the negative moments in her life such as her substance abuse.  Because a goal of my project was to put a main focus on Billie’s successful moments in life, this didn’t bother me.  However, I feel it is important for a reader to know that there is more to her story than all sunshine and happiness. was used as a “verification” website.  One of the few ways I use to see if my information seems reliable is by checking it on various sites to see if things match up.  As PBS is generally quite trustworthy, I compared the information from this site with my other two sites to make sure all of the information lined up properly.  Good news: it did!

image (12)

Lady Sings the Blues – Billie Holiday with William Dufty and a foreword from David Ritz was the key book I used during my eminent person study.  When I borrowed this book from the Vancouver Library, I found that it particularly helped with my speech.  Reading about the moments when she was on stage made me feel like I was in the venue at the time.  I wanted to convey this same atmosphere and feeling during my own speech.  The book also helped me understand the early-life background of Billie Holiday.  It almost felt as if I had known her personally.

image (11)


Strange Fruit: Billie Holiday, Café Society, And An Early Cry For Civil Rights – David Margolick and a foreword from Hilton Als was the second book I used for eminent.  Billie’s song, Strange Fruit, was a topic I was intrigued to talk about in both my speech and learning centre.  Like when I read Lady Sings the Blues, reading about the audience’s reaction to Billie’s performance in Strange Fruit, helped me set a mood for my speech.


And now eminent is complete.  Until next year. . .

Wrapping Up


Via LouisaLulu on Deviantart.

Via LouisaLulu on Deviantart.


image (5)

My delicious (yet measly) pizza.

When I got home from NotN, I had a big mix of feelings and emotions.  Predominantly, I was tired, but I also felt a lot of other things.  Pride: For not only myself, but also for my peers and how well their speeches and learning centres worked out.  Happiness: Eminent is over!  Conflicting sadness: Eminent is over. . .  Confusion: Why am I upset that the thing that has caused me the most stress over the past month is ending?  Hunger: “Though they were tasty, those two pieces of pizza barely filled a corner of my stomach.  I mean, the pepperoni had a delicious spice and there was a good amount of cheese, but the lack of crust starved me.  There’s nothing wrong with thin crust pizza but three and a half slices would have better filled the void. . .  I need chocolate.”


The Stage

The Stage.

Moving on, the point of this blog post is not to get overly emotional about the food, but instead to reflect on my learning centre.  Why learning centre in particular?  The biggest goal I had for eminent was to create one that would be very engaging for those at NotN.  Like I said in my intro post,  many of my projects in elementary and middle school consisted of me pasting large paragraphs of text all over a neon poster board.  I wanted to be a little more creative and move away from this.

For my learning centre, I decided to create a space that would resemble a stage Billie Holiday would have performed on.  I used a curtain,  a sign bordered by lights, and 40’s style microphone as key elements to represent the stage.  I also included a timeline of “records”.  Each stated an event in Billie’s life that I found significant.

image (6)

Pictures , Text & Mic

Over to the side of this set-up, I had an assortment of pictures of Billie as well as some text to accompany.  I found limiting text the most difficult thing to do because I am usually quite dependent on my writing.  To keep things reasonable, I chose to write something short on each of the four key events I included in my timeline.  I didn’t bother including too many details as I know that people would not stop to read Billie’s biography.  Instead, it would be my job to fill them in on what they needed to know.  The lack of text was probably the scariest thing about eminent for me.  There was no real script for me to read off, and I pretty much had to go with the flow of the conversation.  When I talked to the first person, I sounded very stiff and robotic but throughout the night, I became more and more comfortable speaking with people.  I actually had real, relaxed conversations with the last few people who came to my station and I am really proud of that.



image (8)

My Learning Centre


image (9)

Setting Up

I truly think I met my goals for this project.  I was really proud of what I did with my learning centre as well as the conversations I had with those who came by.  By the end of the night, I felt much more comfortable having unscripted conversations with people and I hope I can maintain this confidence throughout the rest of the year.

I have to give a very specific thank you to Aileen (as well as my parents) for helping with the very stressful set up and take down of my learning centre.  I also need to thank Brian for saving my life with his wonderful silver Sharpie when mine inconveniently ran out of ink.  And of course, thank you to all of the TALONS for being super supportive of each other and making this process so much easier.

Eminent was a very stressful and challenging, yet exciting experience.  It’s weird to admit, but I’m actually quite excited to do this again in grade 10.  ((Someone is totally going to use this against me next year when I start complaining about the project…))