Look, June made me crumble.  So much went on that I forgot I even had a TALONS blog.  From the ends of projects, to trying to make lasting memories, (to my birthday!!), to finals–this month has been absolutely insane.  It had its ups and downs, but these final moments will stick with me…  Kind of like when a cookie’s crumbs stick to your sweaty body in the summer.  (I know, I’m amazing with metaphors.)

The original concept behind this post was that it was going to be my ending to In-Depth.  Did you notice all those commas at the end of my In-Depth posts?  That was supposed to be an artsy and clever thing.  See, the commas were supposed to signify continuation, while this post containing a period meant an end.  I really had my life together back in January to figure this all out.  As you can tell though, things just got super busy and I decided to leave this post for the last day of school.  Which clearly is not today.  When we got out two weeks ago, I’ve been to occupied playing Webkinz (yes) to do anything else.  This post only came back to mind early last week.  I was going to start writing until I remembered… R E P O R T . C A R D S .  I decided to hold off writing this just in case I needed to change some of my final “thoughts” following my report card comments.  Luckily, none of my teachers have left me fuming.  Today, I finally got  myself together and am ready to write this post.  It has a little bit of everything in it–final thoughts on In-Depth, my box, my last words, and a bit of advice to incoming TALONS.


Final Meeting With My Mentor

Learning Centre

In-Depth night was an absolute blast.  While there were some things I could do without (*cough* overpriced mediocre pizza and dripping sweat everywhere *cough*), there were so many amazing experiences to come out of the night.  My learning centre was a booth where attendees could come get a couple of their nails done.  It was a really cool experience to do nails on those other than the people who I’ve been comfortable with.  My centre was super interactive and kept me busy the entire night.  I am extremely happy with how my project turned out.  I learned so much over the five months, and will continue using the skills in years to come.  Although In-Depth is long over, I have continued to try new nail art weekly and am very thankful that I have the skills to pick up these new designs quickly.  Additionally, I have just added nail art tutorials to I’m Hair For You, the blog I created during my Grade 9 In-Depth Project.  It’s amazing to see how my two school projects have now merged together into my biggest “extra-curricular” passion.  The blog has also grown into something much bigger than I ever believed.  If you want to keep up with my hair and nail tutorials, follow I’m Hair For You HERE.

New Design: Cupcakes

My Box

Image result for procrastination spongebobAs soon as I walked into the TALONS room in Grade 9, all I wanted to do was make my box.  Learning new things?  Doing cool projects?  Making friends?  None of those were important.  Plotting out my box, however, was.  From the beginning, I had a vision of my box being a Spongebob reference.  It all started with the image of Spongebob making a rainbow overlayed with text saying “Procrastination” (you know, like “imaginaaaation”).  However, I learned to manage my time decent enough and found this didn’t really represent me.  Also, I figured out that my artistic skill level wasn’t up to that standard.  Next up was “The”.  In the episode titled Procrastination, Spongebob really struggled to write his essay for Boating School.  In one scene, a montage of him working really hard is seen, but in the end, he’s only written the word “the” on his page.  Personally, I felt a strong emotional connection to this scene.  I stuck with the idea of simply writing “the” for quite a long time until I realized that the uncultured, non-Spongebob-watching folk would just think that I forgot to finish my box.  Image result for penny potato chip napkinTherefore, we move to idea three: “Penny, Potato Chip, and Wadded Up Napkin”.  This was going to be a really funny and three dimensional one, until I realized that the chip would probably get moldy and everything would eventually fall off.  During the time when it was finally logical to be thinking about my box, I was really not sure what I would do.  Until it finally came to me: EVIL KERMIT.  Maybe staying in my Spongebob state of mind was holding me back.  It was when I thought outside of the box (haha) that the best idea came to me.  My box reads “me: make a nice box to celebrate your time in TALONS. me to me: make it a meme instead”.  Underneath the text, I painted the iconic Evil Kermit image.  Out of everything I’ve done in TALONS, this is definitely the thing I’m most proud of.  I’ve never painted anything this nice, I’ve never been this funny, and (I believe) I’m the first meme to make it on the wall.  This is my legacy and I’ve never been prouder.

I know, I’m iconic

Final Words

This isn’t even the final section of this post, but at this point, I’m not in the mood to rearrange my thoughts.  I just simply want to say thank you to everyone who’s made my TALONS experience so amazing.  From my classmates, to my spectacular teachers, to the memes that got me through it all, thank you for being there and making these past two years nothing short of memorable.  I’ve learned so many different things from all of you and I’m definitely going to miss the experiences we share.  ((I’m also going to miss coming up with TALONS conspiracy theories.))  While this one part of our lives has ended, there is so much more ahead for all of us.  Like I stated in our closing circle, we’re basically iCarly (aka the best show ever to air on Nickelodeon that deserves to get a reunion movie and is also turning 10 years old this September woah).  While our own great show has ended, we each still have amazing things in front of us.  Unlike the cast of iCarly though, ALL of us will have our own spinoff shows (that will actually get picked up by the network, unlike Gibby’s potential spinoff  that was robbed greatness).  Like Sam & Cat (which deserved more than one season), we will each make appearances in eachother’s shows as guest stars, and those episodes will definitely be the most memorable.  I can’t wait to hear about each and every one of your new shows–I’m sure they’ll be fantastic.  Now, at this point, I feel like I should put in some sort of inspirational quote or something.  Let’s see…  In the words of our queen Miranda Cosgrove: “So wake up the members of my nation / It’s your time to be / There’s no chance unless you take one / And it’s time to see / The brighter side of every situation / Some things are meant to be / So give me your best and leave the rest to me.”  (Listen to this sick track right HERE.  Want even better nostalgia?  Indulge in Leave It All To Shine, the best song ever from the craziest crossover in existence, right HERE.)

Advice For Future TALONS

I couldn’t leave this post without pitching in a couple words of wisdom for incoming TALONS.  In the months before joining TALONS, I know that I was aggressively stalking the TALONS blogs looking for any insider tips on how to survive the program.  This was my first mistake as people on their blogs seemed so intelligent and in control of their lives, while I was the complete opposite.  Therefore, by leaving the following three tips at the bottom of this post, I hope that at least one incoming TALONS student will go into the program with a little more confidence.

1) Take risks!  Try something new, step outside of your comfort zone, and let yourself experiment in the most supportive environment possible.  Let others in on your goals and use the many aspects of TALONS to grow and accomplish them.  Achieving greatness out of the things that you feared the most will always pay off.  They may even be your fondest memories of the program.  Most importantly, these risks will set you up for greatness beyond TALONS and give you the confidence you need for the next time you need to do something initially unsettling.

2) Take care of yourself.  TALONS learners are always amazing when it comes to taking care of one another, but remember to take care of yourself too.  Always do your best in whatever you do, but know that your health is more important than getting 100% on an assignment.  Take breaks, eat well, and most importantly SLEEP!  (I know you’re thinking “Pshh, sleep?  Who needs that?  No big deal.” but seriously, go to bed.  It’s not something you can just catch up on during the weekend.  You’ll be way happier when well rested.)

3) Don’t wear ripped jeans on the first day of school.  Please.  It’s for your own good.

Goodbye TALONS

lol bye :))


My name is Rosalie L’Hirondelle.

In 1788, I was born under the traditional name Mistawasis.  It was only when I turned 15 and was married off to a French man named Jean-Paul, that I changed my name to match his.  It’s normal that all intermarriages turn out this way.

I grew up as part of the Nehiyawak, or as the English say, part of the Cree.  I was born just south of the Hudson’s Bay, which meant that many of the elders I knew worked for the Hudson’s Bay Company.  They were, and still are, essential to the European’s success.  We are the ones who help them with the guiding and hunting.  It is us who retrieve the fur for others to trade.  Without my people, who knows what would happen to the fur?  And without the fur, who knows what would happen to my people?

At the moment, I am taking a short break from traveling with my family from Canada, to England and France.  My husband, Jean-Paul, has been assigned to travel with the fur trading Coureurs des Bois.  I have come along to assist in sewing clothing, making food, and of course, taking care of our young daughter Sophie.

I enjoy travelling with my husband because I am able to see so much more of the world than the other women I know normally would.  Many women of my age and from my community spend their days secluded, making clothing and furniture.  While all the work they do is beautiful and appreciated, that’s not what I want to do with my life.  I want to go out and see the world.  I want to have the same opportunities as Europeans and  men.  I want to make change.

But I can’t.  Because I am Cree.  Because I am a woman.  I am in the minority of a minority and it limits me beyond belief.  Recent talk started by a man named Durham has me even more worried about my future.  Limiting the language in Canada to strictly English is going to send even more discrimination in my direction.

Life within Canada cannot change so negatively.  My people and the Europeans have a steady trade relationship going. We need eachother, that’s a fact.  Forcing us to speak the same language will not make positive change between groups. We still rely on eachother all the same.

Final Statement

My name Madame Roland and it’s been a year since November 8th.  The day I died.  They arrested me, along with the other Girondists, five months beforehand.  There was nothing for me to fret about, nor was there a need to escape back to a world once influenced by monarchy.  As my fate was already set, why would I spend my last months rotting in a cell, when I could be productive?  By staying composed, I used my time wisely by writing memoirs to tell about my experiences during the revolution, as well as share my views on politics and life — still being quite influenced by the works of Plutarch, Voltaire, and Rousseau.  I remember the day of the execution like it was yesterday.  On my way to death by the guillotine, I muttered my final words, “Oh Liberty, what crimes are committed in thy name!”

An Update

Dear Sophie,

I hope you have been well since I last heard from you.  Things here have been picking up since my last letter.  My husband and I still continue to work together, but now in a different job where I have a different role. I am no longer just an editor for my husband’s work, but I am more involved.  Now that the revolution is really picking up, a man by the name of Brissot, has hired the  two of us to be a part of the Patriote Francais.  As a fellow Girondist, we met Brissot during one of the many salon meeting we attended.  Brissot acts as a leader to the Girondin faction, though he still is midful of us all as equals.

While on the topic of salons, just a few weeks ago I decided to open and host my very first meeting.  Though I have attended these events before, this one was different.  I put this political salon together myself.  At first it was a little slow with few people coming in, but soon the most popular were entering such as my publisher and fellow Girondin, Brissot, as well as some big figures who I may disagree with such as Robspierre.  I got to hear a lot of varying thoughts from these people.  Myself however, I continued to sit back and observe.  I have been to salons where the only thing the hostests desire are attention.  I have no desire for attention, instead I desire knowledge.  Though, I don’t stay completely silent.  After the meetings, I frequently go off to speak with a few attendees and share my opinions on life in France and politics.  I tell them all that I still believe in a republic.

We shall see how things go from here…

~Madame Roland